Everyone’s hiring! 5 ways job-seekers can win in a changing job market

The U.S. talent shortage is creating IT career opportunities… for those who approach it right. Whether you’re actively looking for a new career, or are just open to new opportunities, the future looks bright for job hunters! More job openings now exist than skilled candidates needed to fill them according to a  report from The U.S. Bureau of Labor . With so many opportunities, both in Information Technology and elsewhere, the odds of you finding your perfect career is better than it’s been in years! That’s the good news. The  not-so-good  news? Many prospective employees seem to be taking the job market for granted. Employers are seeing increases in prospective candidates ‘ghosting’ their interview, not calling or showing up for their first day of work, and even abandoning their current job altogether. This has left many companies confused, frustrated and, let’s be honest, bitter. What many interviewees don’t realize is that they’re not only hurting their prospects with  th